One Little Bird.

One Little Bird is one of Cumbria’s fastest growing PR and digital marketing agencies with the in-house expertise to manage and boost the digital presence of its clients. To help the company develop its profile and promote its range of services, SLJ Media were tasked with redesigning their website in a way that would reflect both the aspirations of the business and its unique brand personality.

The new design successfully captures the energy and enthusiasm of One Little Bird’s approach to delivering effective public relations and digital services. Each scroll and click reveals something eye-catching and appealing about the company, adding intrigue to its proposition and inspiring confidence in its capabilities.

Deceptively simple in appearance, sophisticated design techniques have been employed to ensure that the website works at a practical as well as aesthetic level for both client and visitor.

One Little Bird Website
One Little Bird Website
One Little Bird tablet view
One Little Bird Mobile

The website is a thing of beauty, thank you for all the hard work you put into this project.

Kate Wright.Digital Manager & Agency Lead, One Little Bird.
One Little Bird Website