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Mar 14 A Fresh Perspective Gretna Green Group Brand DevelopmentInterior/Exterior DesignSignage
Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

Jun 15 Responsive Solicitors
- Cartmell Shepherd

Mar 15 New Business Takes Off
- VertiworX

Jan 15 Taken to Extremes
- Total Warrior

Jun 14 Breakfast at Bartons
- Bartons Yard


May 14 B is for Belted
- Belted Burgers

Mar 14 First & Last
- Gretna Green Group

Jan 14 A Fresh Perspective
- Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

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Gretna Green Group

Built in 1830 on the border between Scotland and England, the Old Toll Bar, also known as the ‘first and last house in Scotland’, became famous for conducting thousands of weddings for couples fleeing from the stringent English marriage laws of the period. The building is a major tourist attraction and SLJ Media have been commissioned to develop interior and exterior design features to enhance the historical links the building has with its unique past.

“SLJ Media have shown how we can improve on the visitor appeal of the building whilst retaining its historical charm...”

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